Enabling excellence: Our environmental services.

In chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, you often face many non-core tasks that would require the use or acquisition of vast resources if done in-house. Environmental protection is a prime example: Environmental law is constantly changing, and compliance requires constant diligence and profound legal expertise.

You can save considerable time and expense, however, if you work with a partner who has significant experience in these fields and good relationships with government agencies.

Well supported up to the final permit.

Infraserv Höchst can help you obtain the permits you need to build and operate production facilities. We support the entire permitting process: from the conceptual design to the application to the final permit.

  • Determining permitting procedures
  • Fielding inquiries from government authorities
  • Attending hearings held by permitting authorities
  • Reviewing permit notices
  • Assisting with appeals and lawsuits

Compliance through extensive expertise

Our specialists have the expertise to keep you compliant. Entrust every aspect of your emissions to us – from consulting and research to sampling and analysis. We can help you meet statutory and in-house requirements through consulting, monitoring, advocacy and reporting:

  • Serving as your immissions control and major accident compliance officer or supporting your current officer
  • Providing expert immission calculations and generating dispersion models for dust, odors and other exhaust constituents
  • Noise immission calculations and workplace noise measurements
  • Emission measurements, functional testing, calibration, immission measurements and expert opinions on explosion protection

We can help with whatever you need.

We have exactly the knowledge you require – from consulting to sampling and analysis. Our expert advisors can provide the guidance, monitoring, advocacy and reporting that will help you comply with water protection laws:

  • Serving as your water pollution control officer or supporting your current officer
  • Engaging in government advocacy with respect to specific sites or production plants

Validated analytical results for optimizing your production processes.

You can only optimize your production processes if you have sound analytical results. Infraserv Höchst has the right tools and experience to obtain valid data.

Our findings will stand up under legal scrutiny, too, as demonstrated by numerous government licenses and accreditations to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 for potable water, wastewater, groundwater, air, soil and waste.

Our services include:

  • Researching and collecting data
  • Taking, analyzing and evaluating air, soil, waste, water and wastewater samples
  • Analyzing potable, ultrapure and pharmaceutical water

You have the waste – we have the solution.

Manufacturers are responsible for the safe and proper disposal of their waste. This can be challenging, however. This is where Infraserv Höchst's waste management specialists come in.

Our services include:

  • Assessing your current waste management situation and suggesting improvements
  • Educating your staff about legal or technical issues in waste management
  • Serving as your waste compliance officer
  • Providing the ENTIS waste management system
  • Teaching ZEDAL users how to keep waste management records electronically
  • Auditing all disposal methods

Secure your future with our unique expertise.

From protecting groundwater to remediating contaminated brownfields, from testing suspected hazardous sites to preparing a contaminated land registry or reducing specific pollutants – contaminated sites are shadows of the past and, for many companies, a mortgage on the future. That is reason enough to ask us about legally compliant, socially accepted approaches to managing contaminated brownfields and landfill sites. As the operator of a 100-plus year old industrial estate, we have unparalleled expertise in this field.

24-hour safety services.

Our emergency response team will help you avoid production downtime, lost profits and threats to human health and the environment. Consulting, training, and emergency and crisis management will teach you and your employees about integrated, effective emergency response organizations. Our park fire department is on call around the clock, while our VDS-certified Emergency Control Center, which is also staffed 24/7/365, monitors the park, checks incoming security and process alerts, and issues alarms where needed. Last but not least, our 24h emergency information service for hazardous substances provides information about chemicals wherever dangerous goods are involved in accidents.

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