Enabling excellence: Our personnel services.

Satisfied employees are every company's most valuable asset. We will make sure that you attract and retain the right people – through recruitment, vocational training, professional development, health education and occupational medical care.

The human factor is key.

The law requires extensive health and safety protections – and for good reason. However, occupational safety is first and foremost the bedrock of your company's continued productivity.
It does not matter how extensive your policies may be; they will only support your business if your employees know how to apply them properly.

Our skilled instructors are engineers, chemists, technologists and master craftsmen from various disciplines and have been working as OSH specialists for years.

A critical production factor.

Downtime and production disruptions following accidents are expensive and bad for your image. More importantly, though, they also threaten the safety of your employees, neighbors and the environment. It takes extensive expertise to plan, run and redesign production plants.

Our specialists have many years of operational experience and can help you set up a safety management system and develop safety strategies that meet your specific requirements.

Process hazardous substances safely.

Do you continuously measure and analyze hazardous substances on your premises? If you outsource this work to an independent provider, not only will you free up valuable human resources, but the findings will also seem more credible in the public eye.

Our DIN EN ISO 17025-accredited measuring station for hazardous substances can not only determine and evaluate hazard potentials, but can also advise you on ways to optimize your safety systems based on its interdisciplinary expertise.

More safety through motivation and education.

Training quality largely determines how competently and assiduously employees follow safety rules. Infraserv Höchst, in cooperation with its partners, teaches introductory classes, advanced seminars, workshops and training programs on safety issues.

They can be given at your company or our training center. E-learning is available as well in many cases. Our interdisciplinary training team includes engineers, chemists, psychologists and master craftsmen.

The future of efficient training.

Health and safety covers a broad range of topics: from proper workplace conduct to equipment use and the handling of dangerous substances to the prevention of stress-induced mental disorders.

Our ZEUS training program meets your technical and professional requirements while minimizing disruption to your business. With its intelligently designed e-learning modules, employees can easily incorporate supported self-study into their regular workday.

Best training practices.

Education is the key to solving the skilled labor shortage: with everything from vocational training, continuing education and workshops to coaching, e-learning, correspondence courses and cooperative higher education. We offer customized contributions to enhancing your corporate culture and driving your long-term success. Discover our subsidiary Provadis , Hesse's largest continuing education provider, with its own college. Or our wide range of safety courses – as seminars, in-house classes or e-learning with ZEUS , our efficient system for electronic training and safety briefings.


Superior catering solutions for staff and guests.

Infraserv works with selected partners to provide a wide menu of dining options for your staff and guests. With our efficient and innovative catering ideas, we can deliver top quality and attentive service at your site. From restaurants and shops to vending and catering for meetings – we will find the right solution for all your needs.

Healthy employees for a successful company.

Healthy employees are essential to your company's success. However, it takes care, commitment and dedication to maintain and promote health. We will professionally assist you and your employees based on your unique needs.

From occupational medical care and medical screenings to outpatient and emergency medical services, from pre-travel consultations and vaccinations to addiction counseling or training, we will efficiently and effectively promote your company's health resources and raise your employees' awareness of their own health needs.

Developing industrial professionals.

Provadis Partner für Bildung und Beratung GmbH and its subsidiary, Provadis Professionals GmbH , have a clear mission: to recruit, train and find jobs for young people chosen from over 12,000 applicants a year.

Provadis will work with you to develop innovative trainee programs designed specifically to help your company attract and train tomorrow's skilled workers today. We will recruit college graduates for you and turn them into specialists with leadership skills – without adding to your headcount.

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