Enabling excellence: Our infrastructure services.

You have the infrastructure – we will keep it up-to-date and running smoothly. Rely on us to handle everything from supplying utilities and raw materials, disposing of solid, liquid and gaseous waste and analyzing your site for appropriate development opportunities to executing investment projects and attracting new companies to your site.

Easy, safe waste management.

We will take care of your waste – solid, liquid or gaseous. You can dispose of liquid wastes, for example, safely and properly through a service line connected to our sewer or pipeline system. Waste handling, sorting and treatment for solids and drums are an integral part of our waste disposal infrastructure, as are waste logistics and waste management. Our integrated waste management system features clean, fully compliant methods for disposing of all waste streams. Because you have more important things to worry about than your waste.

We connect you to the world.

Voice and data networks are your company's central nervous system.
To enjoy high availability and share information quickly, easily and securely, you need a reliable, powerful IT and communications infrastructure. And that is exactly what we offer. Not to mention the industry expertise and technological know-how needed to boost your productivity and cut your costs.

Shape the future.

As a site manager, we know from experience that sites do not develop on their own. Through our analyses, we can identify your site's potential early on so you can develop your site to support your business. Work with us to lay the foundation for effectively enhancing your infrastructure, rolling out investment projects or attracting new companies to your site. Or, simply entrust the development of your sites to our experienced professionals.

Securing your business.

Industrial sites need to run like clockwork. That takes many things, from issuing entrance passes and managing contractors to protecting perimeter fences with video surveillance systems and installing user-friendly locking and access control systems. Since intruders can threaten a company's very existence, we will work with you to develop secure and cost-effective end-to-end solutions. They include not only investigative services but also effective protection against security breaches such as theft, economic espionage or eavesdropping.

Keeping your business moving.

The infrastructure at any industrial park or estate includes roads, walkways, railway facilities and perhaps ports, river banks and bridges. With our mobility services, all this infrastructure will be safe, maintained and expanded as needed in order to keep your business moving. Let us take care of everything – from street cleaning to snow and ice control to on-site passenger bus service and parking space management to monitoring parked and moving vehicles.

Sustainable supply reliability.

Operating powerful supply infrastructures from A to Z is one of our core services for the process industry. Our expertise ranges from running ammonia supply systems to administering steam networks to building a hydrogen infrastructure. And to keep this infrastructure running safely and effectively for a long time to come, we can perform tests, drill on active pipelines and carry out all other vital maintenance.

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