Enabling excellence: Reliable operating plans.

You have facilities at your site – we will keep them running smoothly. We provide civil engineering, offer business and soft facility services for operations, and ensure the complete availability of your facilities' equipment. With our broad portfolio, you can select exactly the individual, package and system services you need for your unique business requirements.

Unparalleled lab construction capabilities.

Complex construction projects require exhaustive, professional planning. We have extensive experience in this domain. We know the requirements and details involved in building advanced commercial and industrial properties – especially research and production buildings for the chemical, pharmaceutical and life science industries. Our plans will be tailored to your needs and specifically designed to optimize operating costs over your facility's lifecycle.

Efficient single-source services.

Your core processes impose special requirements on a wide variety of soft facility services. We will tailor these services – from internal mail to reception staffing to custodial services – to your unique workflows. We will provide an efficient single point of contact to coordinate all our activities. And that will create the ideal conditions and environment for your core business.

Greater profitability per m².

When it comes to your buildings, you want highly effective real estate management. Our business services provide visibility into your property's performance and help you optimize processes and space use, lower operating costs and identify investments to preserve and enhance your property values.

Continuous availability is our mission.

The heart of every building consists of three letters: MEP – mechanical, electrical and plumbing. The challenge is to keep these systems highly available. To achieve this, our highly skilled experts put together a balanced, well thought-out operating and maintenance plan covering all trades. Supported by mobile maintenance solutions and efficient online maintenance documentation, we will cost-effectively service your facilities and maximize the availability of your MEP systems.

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