Enabling excellence: Our plant services.

You have the plants – we will keep them up-to-date and running smoothly with anything you need: a reliable, competitive supply of utilities; the design and construction of generating units; or the management of all construction, operating and modification permits.

A reliable, competitive supply of utilities.

Companies have to find an effective, low-cost supply of the things they need, from heat to raw materials. We will operate your utility supply systems safely and efficiently. At Industriepark Höchst, for example, we run a variety of central and local supply facilities. Our customers benefit from our experience and synergies in operating these systems for a wide range of utilities.

Engineering experience.

When it comes to designing and building generating units, few things matter more than know-how. To maximize efficiency, you need the kind of experience that comes from many years of operating generating units. From heat and power, refrigeration and cooling to compressed air, industrial gases, hydrogen or ammonia – we know what the process industry needs and can help you with everything from preliminary planning to commissioning.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (O€€).

Are your costs too high? If you have heard this question before, you will be in good hands with Infraserv's maintenance experts. We will optimize your maintenance together with our partners in order to assure the necessary availability of your plants with optimum resource use. Your requirements will be translated into a results-driven maintenance strategy. With our help, you can lower your costs while increasing your benefits.

Minimal downtime.

From tank containers and mobile tanks to rail tank wagons – if your shipping containers hold residues, they cannot be used to transport new materials. With our wide range of cleaning services, we can help you clean your containers right at the delivery point. Our industrial plant cleaning service will also painlessly flush out your equipment so you can resume production as quickly as possible.

Successfully managing operating risks.

We will stay on top of all your safety needs – from CE conformity markings for machines, products and plants to safety audits and inspections, from plant safety instrumented systems to the provision of fire and safety watches, from explosion protection and radiation protection to video surveillance of selected properties. We will strictly follow your instructions and all legal requirements throughout the entire information, action and documentation cycle.

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