Enabling excellence: The bustling big city with recreational opportunities galore.

Frankfurt is the nerve center of the dynamic, diverse Rhine-Main Region. Home to leading chemical and pharmaceutical companies, major banks, a large conference center and the international Frankfurt Airport, it is one of the most productive regions in Europe.

Between the modern, vibrant city and the spectacular countryside, local residents have plenty of ways to spend their free time. They can expand their cultural horizons at world-class museums, concert halls and theaters, dine at a variety of restaurants and explore parks in Taunus, Hunsrück, Rheingau, Spessart, Rhön and Odenwald. Frankfurt is also full of recreational opportunities. A 4,500 hectare forest park and nearly 50 city parks are the "green lungs" of this buzzing city.

The regional sports scene is equally diverse: countless bike paths and lakes are perfect for exercising or simply whiling away the summer hours.

Enabling excellence: The lively cultural scene.

The Rhine-Main Region has everything, from opera houses and museums to theaters and music clubs. Its vast cultural scene and cosmopolitan flair give the city a unique international feel.

Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Wiesbaden and Mainz each boast their own opera houses and international orchestras. There are countless music clubs of all stripes for night owls. International artists give plenty of local concerts and fill the line-up at the world-famous Frankfurt Jazz Festival. Another highlight on the Rhine-Main Region's busy cultural calendar is the Rheingau Music Festival.