Grow with us.

"It's inspiring to think that our work helps keep the environment clean and safe for us and our neighbors."

Horst Herzog, M.Sc., Preventive Soil Protection
Head of Waste and Remediation Management

"I pride myself on being reliable and responsive – and so does Infraserv."

Holger Mainz, Service Technician

"I feel good knowing that our processes are professional and our occupational safety standards are high. So do my clients."

Norbert Nett, OSH Specialist

Experience the diversity of Infraserv Höchst and help us change the future.

We offer you the opportunity to apply your skills and experience in a position of responsibility. Our people development program will open up new avenues for personal growth and career advancement. We will help you pursue them.

At Infraserv Höchst, our employees have many different opportunities for growth and development. One of our top priorities is to help assure a healthy work-life balance by providing flexible working hours and daycare programs.

We honor employees' contributions by providing competitive compensation and excellent benefits.

Join us and help write the next chapter in our 150-year-long success story as a premier provider of industrial services. Join us and help achieve site excellence.


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